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Green commuting

Green commute promotes personal health and ensures a healthy planet for all to inhabit in the future. I choose to combine active transportation options like walking and biking with public transportation options depending on the travel distance to make my commute sustainable over the long term. Also, I will motivate my friends and colleagues to use cycle by lending my bike. Slow-moving cars emit more fumes, making traffic jams and red lights unhealthy and unsustainable. Driving to work is often linked to anxiety, while green commuting, on the other hand, has been linked to higher life satisfaction, better health, and improved mood. Riding a bike or walking to work can help you show up awake, sharp, and focused. An active commute incorporates physical activity into our daily routine in a necessary way. Choosing public transportation offers us a chance to socialize, read the news, or do a crossword puzzle before the workday/school starts instead of only being able to focus on the road and navigating tricky traffic.


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