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Take a moment to plan

Today we live in a world where consumption has peaked all previous estimates. We consume more than we need. All these consumption lays excessive stress on the global infrastructure needed for managing the production of these consumables. Further, ineffective life cycle management means that more 90% of these consumables end up in landfills. We consume because we are bored. We consume because we feel entitled. But also, we consume because it is convenient. We need to act now. The one-step that I am going to take is a simple one. I am going to take a moment to plan. Before I start my day, or before I step out, I am going take a moment to consider how can I make my day more sustainable today. I am going out with my friends today, Is it likely that I’ll grab some takeaway coffee? How about I take a coffee mug? I am going shopping today, but what do I need? Do I have a shopping bag? Do I need these many groceries for this week? The path towards unsustainability starts the moment we decide to buy something. Let us be conservative in our consumption.


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