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SDG 4: Quality education

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The Art of sustainability

I love art, and I am keenly aware of the need to get the world on a path towards sustainability. I intend to hold an online art exhibition atleast by the end of the year. I have some ideas...will be exploring more in the summer break! The point being..we need to show and help everyone understand the unsustainability of life as "usual". In fact our lifestyles are highly unusual from even 40 years ago! Where did we go wrong, how can we wake up everyone from the state of what I would call a zombiefied existence of consumption? How do we "educate, agitate and organise" people in engaging and a relevant manner? Those are the thoughts that constantly drive me. [Photo by James Garman on Unsplash]


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one more step to wellbeing

This year, as we are all confined to our homes, I pledge to read one book summary each day for the next 21 days (making it a permanent habit of mine) to improve on general literacy, which also serves as a way to destress. I would also challenge myself to spread the message (of reading snippets of books each day to destress) to at least one of my friends and family.


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I've been experimenting with different reusable sanitary products over the past year and am aiming to be able to ditch single use tampons and pads in my future cycles. I'm also going to open up the conversation more with my friends and family to remove the stigmas associated with menstrual cups and undies. They are easy to use and reduce so much waste!


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Reduce sharehouse comsumption

With the current pandemic meaning more time spent at home, I have become increasingly aware of the overconsumptive behaviours that myself and my friends engage in. In our share house of four there is an excess of food wastes, rubbish and goods. This has caused me to reflect on our actions and encourage myself and friends to do better together. This has included introducing a compost/food waste bin which will be used for our food scraps. I have also encouraged group meals 1-2 times a week so that we can get through our food together and ensure that there is less waste. In addition, we have begun collaborating when doing our shoppping to ensure that we are buying in bulk what we all use - this directly reduces plastic/wrapping waste. Furthermore, I have been actively trying to educate myself, and others on the impacts that our consumption is having and how small changes can be very beneficial. I aim to introduce more sustainable food wraps and containers. As well as ensuring we are educated on the recycling practices and procedures.


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Learning more about recycling

I have heard a lot about recycling and I regularly recycle, but I realised I might be doing it wrong! For my one step, I want to be clearer about what I can and can't recycle in my council. I am going to read the specific guidelines and resources created by my council. My early actions will save someone else a lot of time later on, and there is always more I can learn about this topic. Educating yourself inspires others to learn too.


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To encourage cross-cultural exchange, I will organise weekly 'food sharing' / cooking lessons with other students to celebrate our diverse cultural heritage and backgrounds


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Over this past month I have committed to taking 2 days a week to go farmer’s market shopping for my grandparents and their elderly friends. They were previously customers of Coles Online as they are in poor health. My thought behind this initiative was that by taking the time to buy fresh and local for people who couldn’t would therefore increase the amount of local produce bought and subsequently decreasing the consequences which come from the convenience of store bought produce. Buying locally reduces transportation emissions and ingredients are more fresh so when bought directly there is less waste.


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Knowledge is power

I want to continue informing myself of more sustainable steps I can take in my personal life but also in the wider scope of community and global. This week I went to support the Schoolstrike4climate and on the weekend I went to an event which spoke about ethical business planning. I want to continue each week expanding my knowledge on our current climate crises and become involved in a regular movement e.g friends of the earth



Fiona shi | 09/22/2020 - 20:09

it is also supports the local farmer.


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WE BEFORE ME, Mental health

I would motivate myself and people around ME to engage in social activities which not only improves the surroundings and the environment but also improves the metal health of people.


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Fight Food Waste

I am going to pledge to fight food waste in 3 ways, which will help to reduce food sent to landfill and thus reduce the production harmful greenhouse emissions in the long term. 1) Continue to recycle my food scraps and use the compost I produce for my veggie garden; 2) Support food rescues by volunteering at my local Foodbank; 3) Reduce my plate waste by making sure I finish all the food on my plate or at least ensure food can be stored and saved for later. Overall, I hope to minimise my food print!



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