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SDG 4: Quality education

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Green the office

Actively seeking to make the work office environmentally friendly and promoting activities supporting eco-friendliness.


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lead the way

I want students enrolled in universities to lead teams and step out to meet people and to communicate their ideas.


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VOLUNTEER for education

Education not only improves quality of life but equips more people with the tools to tackle the world's issues! For the rest of the year I will volunteer regularly (once a week/fortnight) with programs which aim to tutor kids with disadvantage or foster an interest in STEM for young people. To start I have signed up to run workshops with Engineers Without Borders.


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By starting an organisation with other uni students called Sisters in Science, I am going to show young girls that they are just as capable of doing science as boys. By running incursions in schools, hopefully young girls will realise their potential and follow careers in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) fields.


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narrow social gap

Social gap is becoming wider and wider as economic boost. Mid-class people are likely to take their weath and social status for granted. Sometimes they just forget to help people who need help or only focus on make their own fortune. What I want to do is prompting people to give their hands to someone who really need help, someone who are suffering by writing articles on social media. As for me myself, I want to be as volunteer to help people who can not afford their education, who can not afford even a book at least once by the end of the year.




I'd want to help people working in green stuff out however way I can to make sure we can make the world beautiful again


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Influence other

Asking close friends and family members to change their daily habit Join MAS (Monash Association of Sustainability) and be a clubs liaison


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Gloves recycling initiative

I have already taken steps towards sustainability in my personal life and now I think it's time for me to start taking steps towards sustainability in my professional life. The Department of Emergency Health and Paramedic Practice teaches paramedic students how to perform emergency procedures that could be life-saving, but practicing these skills means that there will be a huge amount of waste produced to let the students practice. I plan to lobby the department to fund a recycling program that will include; nitrile gloves, soft plastic packaging and PVC waste that is produced when students are practicing medical procedures. The image below is how much disposable waste is produced just to practice one IV, now imagine if every student in the department practices just one IV every time they go to class.



Joanna Murawska | 08/22/2018 - 16:43

Hey, how's this one going? Have you had a chat with the department?


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Support Local Produce

My pledge would be to start buying locally grown produce by supporting local farmer's markets as well as growing my own indoor herbs garden. The advantages includes but not limited to: 1) Reducing Food Miles-Transport of food consumes lots of fossil fuels the further the transport, increasing our carbon emission. 2) Preserve and protect biodiversity of smaller farm lands. 3) Promote awareness, health and wellbeing.



Alex Teoh | 08/26/2018 - 11:19

Hey, I think what you are doing is pretty solid! Keep it up!!


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Going paperless!

I will continue to take notes in class digitally and begin completing all tutorials with my digital pen so that I can remove all paper from my studies!



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