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Find out the the plastic products nearby such as the bottles, bags and utensils; think of appropriate usage or drop them into the recycling bin; avoid using them by choosing alternatives.


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Sustainable Veggie Garden

This year I have committed to growing my own fruit, vegetables and herbs. While this won't completely cut out my reliance on purchased foods, I believe it will reduce my reliance on them dramatically. In the process of creating and maintaining a sustainable veggie garden, I have also committed to using naturally produced fertilisers including locally-sourced manure, and my home-composted materials produced in my worm-farm, compost and bokashi. In creating this vegetable garden, I sought to use recycled materials from the shed and around the yard including scrap pieces of wood, old terracotta pots, left-over chicken wire and bamboo sticks from the overgrown bamboo plant around the side of the house (as stakes for my tomatoes)! Though I live in a rental, my landlord was kind enough to let me transform an unproductive, overgrown space in the backyard into a thriving veggie patch. She was also very happy to see unused materials being repurposed! The seedlings and seeds were planted earlier this week - the process is well and truly underway. I can't wait to upload and share some photos of my homegrown fruit and veg in the weeks and months to come! I'll also be sharing photos of the transformation process of the unused space which is now being used for my 'Take One Step' project!


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