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Reduce reliance on paper

While thinking about what my ‘one step’ could be, I started to think about my over-reliance on paper products. The entire process of paper creation is quite damaging to the environment. It is initiated by the cutting of trees, usually without considering the sustainability of such actions. This contributes to deforestation, destroying the natural habitat of many species of animals. Then, the actual production of paper releases many pollutants into the atmosphere, including carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. The obvious answer to me was to turn to recycled products, but I’ve come to learn that the process of recycling paper still releases many pollutants into the atmosphere. As a result, I’ve come up with three actions to eliminate my paper use entirely, substituting them with something else. For instance, I have decided to start taking my notes on scrap pieces of paper, which would otherwise have been thrown away. Another action is to use a thermos to drink my coffee in lieu of the paper cups used in most coffee shops, which cannot even be recycles in most cases. Additionally, my third action is to carry a handkerchief, as I find myself using paper towels quite a lot throughout my daily life. These three actions are just the start of my personal goal to eliminate my paper usage as much as possible!


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say no to palm oil

Contained in half of all supermarket products and forming 61% of biofuel energy, palm oil's disastrous effects on the planet are multi-faceted. The plantation of palm forests has disastrous effects on biodiversity and every natural forest commercialised pushes vulnerable species closer to extinction. Furthermore, its use in biofuel has three times the impact on climate change as regular fossil fuels. My step is to continue educating myself about palm oil, begin checking labels for it and purchasing alternatives which are palm-oil free. I will also spread awareness amongst my community.


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