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SDG 3: Good health and wellbeing

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One step at a time

Choose the stairs over elevators where possible.


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Buying vegetables from the farmers market as opposed to supermarkets supports local farmers and reduces food waste #produceequality - our broccoli was considered too small for supermarkets, but that’s fine because it’s going to be great in our pesto pasta! Bonus is it’s package free, working towards a plastic free house supporting local businesses.


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Walk more In my commute

I’m aiming to walk to work four times per week (6km) as opposed to bus or Uber.


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no to disposable lunch box

Many of my friends are having lunch at school, but just a few of them have recyclable lunch box, so i need to take one step to bring my sustainable lunch box to influence other people to know these disposable plastic materials can really cause environmental problems!


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Ride bike

I will ride my bike to campus and some short distance destinations including the grocery shops and train station.


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cook with everything

When cooking, don't waste ingredients!


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Simply ride my bike as much as I can whenever it's feasible. Instead of driving to soccer, the train station and friend's houses I'll ride my bike. The end goal will be to implement a bike riding scheme at Monash Clayton to get people to ride bikes to and from Huntingdale station instead of catching the bus.


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say no to bottled water

I'm always using reusable bottles and fill it up everyday. It's not that hard once you get used to it. Eventually you will save money and drink more water.


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a more plant-based diet

In order to further reduce my carbon footprint and impact on the world, I will start reducing my meat and animal product consumption. This will help me to eventually transition to a solely plant-based/vegan diet, which is not only great for my health but also for the environment as I will no longer be supporting the meat industry.


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the pursuit of happyness

- By helping deliver homemade meals to the homeless of Melbourne. - To take care of the elderly in a hospital setting through volunteering. - Reduce water consumption by taking 4 minute showers.



Kanisha Krishnakumar | 09/03/2017 - 13:50

This is the most exciting goal I have taken in my life ! :)



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