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SDG 2: Zero hunger

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food waste

I take a part-time job in a restaurant which has a serious food waste issue. The primary sources of the food lost and waste in my workplace are: 1. The leftover of consumer 2. The leftover of the daily staff meal 3. The waste from raw material, such as flower heads or buds of vegetable, and the expired food. We have added an organic rubbish bin to recycle all uncontaminated food (mainly the raw material). However, there is still a greater amount of food is wasted by both consumers and employees. I am keeping motivate my colleagues to reduce the food waste in my workplace, like packing the leftover of the staff meal. I hope the food waste from the staff meal would reduce by half at the end of this year.


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the pursuit of happyness

- By helping deliver homemade meals to the homeless of Melbourne. - To take care of the elderly in a hospital setting through volunteering. - Reduce water consumption by taking 4 minute showers.



Kanisha Krishnakumar | 09/03/2017 - 13:50

This is the most exciting goal I have taken in my life ! :)


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PLant based power

This month I am going to eat totally plant based and avoid all animal products. Taking this step to lessen my personal impact on the environment!


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Growing my own food

I just spent the whole weekend planting a veggie patch in my back garden so I can grow fresh, organic food for myself and my family. This meets several goals all at once. I will be getting more exercise and eating more healthy, vegetarian food. Growing your own food is also better for the environment, as there is no pollution from transport, pesticides or fertilizers, and the plants act as a carbon sink. My next step is to plant some native plants to help improve biodiversity in my area.



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food for thought

Begin to regularly volunteer for a soup van to help tackle homelessness in Melbourne.


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The meat, egg and dairy industries are by far the largest contributors to many of the world's environmental and sustainability issues, so I will be permanently changing to a solely plant based diet.


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Reduce Food Waste

After taking on a research project last semester on the extent and impact of food waste in Australia I have become very conscious of how much food goes to waste in my household. Before this I hadn't even thought about how much methane is created by sending food to landfill, and the devastating effect of these additional GHGs on our climate and ecosystems. So I am committing to reducing my household's food waste through more conscious shopping and cooking, and the use of our newly completed worm farms (a little semester break DYI!) to turn any remaining waste into liquid fertiliser for the garden :)


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pescatarian to vegetarian

I am currently a pescatarian and would like to cut down on my fish intake to eventually be a vegetarian.


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i want to encourage everyone to feel like they are worth it. Wherever they are in life, they are progressing.


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Recyclable Lunch containers

I'm going to save rubbish and save money by preparing food from home with lunch containers! This Monday I had pasta with pesto :)



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