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SDG 2: Zero hunger

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Vegetarian Warrior

I'll be committing to a vegetarian plant-based lifestyle. I've been eager to embark on this lifestyle choice for its two-fold efforts. The environmental impact of eating meat is too significant to ignore, with meat production being a significant contributor to greenhouse emissions. Being vegetarian will also preserve habitats and decrease deforestation. The additional benefits of having a healthy lifestyle are an added bonus. I am really excited to start this journey to help the environment and fight for social justice.


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Monash University Sustainable Development Volunteering Program

Without help, the people, communities and natural environments that are significantly impacted by global challenges struggle to overcome these challenges and experience a sustainable and prosperous future. This One Step has the potential to work towards achieving each one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It consists of creating a sponsored sustainability focused leadership program for emerging leaders at Monash University. Students will be sponsored to lead a project addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Projects could include establishing a system where children and their families in Nepal have access to vaccinations, building appropriate education facilities in Bangladesh, travelling to Kenya to install clean water and sanitation facilities or stopping all single-use plastic consumption in Monash University. In addition, each project would aim to empower locals in each destination by equipping them with the knowledge and resources enabling them to continue sustainable practices in the future. It is the aim that each program will contribute to global sustainability while developing the sustainable leadership of Monash University students.


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Sharing my meal

It is devastating how much some human beings live without. According to the World Bank, there are at least 1.1 billion people living in extreme poverty, barely able to afford food, clothing, medicine and other basic necessities. Here in Australia, many of us are fortunate enough to afford an excess of these necessities. I never want to take for granted how fortunate I am. Share The Meal is an app created by the UN World Food Programme that offers us an affordable and easy way to feed undernourished children in countries such as Syria, Yemen and Uganda. When I first saw this app I was inspired! What an incredible way to tackle extreme poverty and hunger around the globe! For every meal I enjoy over the next 12 months which was not made with my own two hands, I pledge today to share it with a hungry child.


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Green the office

Actively seeking to make the work office environmentally friendly and promoting activities supporting eco-friendliness.


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Awareness of problems should be followed by action. We need to win this war against Irresponsible, Selfish, Unsustainable Homo sapiens. @worldwidegreenewarriors (Facebook page)


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reduce food waste

if working in restaurants or hotels, pack the extra food and share it with hungry and homeless lovely people.


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Grow Green

This year I have pledged to grow and maintain a vegetable garden in line with permaculture principles. My one step involves undertaking a holistic approach to gardening from composting, planting and harvesting to appreciating the health and well-being benefits of gardening. 1) Do companion planting to encourage biodiversity, particularly beneficial insects, such as bees! 2) Use mulch and compost to reduce water inputs and reduce food waste. 3) Watch and learn from growing – ‘observe and interact’ with the garden. Share my freshly grown organic vegetables and herbs with family and friends, so we all enjoy the health benefits of more veggies and less pesticides! *See image for my progress so far ~


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zero hunger

I will join some activites to provide free food to homeless people



Hengjing Liu | 04/15/2020 - 20:10

I am exercising when I am using stairs!

Ilaria Calvello | 11/14/2020 - 15:55

Such a simple way to lower carbon emissions and get fitter too!! :) Good job!


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narrow social gap

Social gap is becoming wider and wider as economic boost. Mid-class people are likely to take their weath and social status for granted. Sometimes they just forget to help people who need help or only focus on make their own fortune. What I want to do is prompting people to give their hands to someone who really need help, someone who are suffering by writing articles on social media. As for me myself, I want to be as volunteer to help people who can not afford their education, who can not afford even a book at least once by the end of the year.



Nicholas Barker | 11/01/2020 - 14:14

This is a strong approach, although it is potentially inaccessible for some due to the car-centric infrastructure in place for many regions in urban and suburban environments.

Nicholas Barker | 11/01/2020 - 14:15

I don't know why this posted here-- This website is wild, it was showing a goal around 6km daily walking goals.


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We've golden soil and wealth for toil?

To protect the environment, we should never buy food with useless packages wherever you go. Also, get the right amount of food and stop food wastage, especially when part of Australia is now under drought and it is our responsibility to protect our golden soil and wealth for toil.



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