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#paper-free #e-notes #SDG 15: Protect ecosystems

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How many times have you disposed heaps and heaps of "used" paper while clearing off your work desk? Some are completely bare except for the stick figure doodle you did on the edge in the middle of your zoom lecture,wondering when you will be back on campus.What about those papers which are drowning in ink because you "had" to take notes during another recorded lecture yet can never find them before a revision session for your upcoming test and they magically only reappear when you clean your room,you half heartedly dumping them in the bin with all your pretty cursives wasted! Well ,if this is the case then welcome to my "take one step" initiative where I will be introducing you to the wondrous world of online note taking a.k.a e-notes so you don't have to dispose of any paper nor kill the lovely trees that do the planet so much good.Every week I will be introducing a new note taking app/website/method/theory you name it in order to persuade you all and even myself(we all slip sometimes) to dump the traditional way of note-taking with pen and paper and hop on to the digital world of electronic notes with me :)


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