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#Sustainability #Consciousbuyer #Plasticfreeyear #CleanOceans #Cleanenergy #Renewables

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life360:Towards zero waste

This year, I pledge to make the change from energy providers that don't supply clean energy, to an energy company like Amber or Powershop, which does. I'm hoping that this will reduce my carbon footprint at least at home. Furthermore, will also be conscious of the products that I buy, and if it comes in plastic, and there is an alternative, I will say no. The redcycle program is something I am already a part of, and I want to spread the word and make sure everyone is aware of it, and that they too can make a difference just by bringing in those plastics back to Coles or Woolies. I also have already pledged to make the change to bar shampoos instead of bottles, to reduce the plastic on that front. Lastly, I want to support more businesses which help the environment, where they plant trees, or remove plastic for each product sold.


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