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Every semester (even terms) we consume a lot papers to support our study's needs. These paper can be in the shape of block notes, notebooks, post-its, stick notes, paperwork used in the tutorials and lectures and even readings printing. After each semester, year or after the graduation we just through it at the bin, hopping that the government can recycle for us. However, we can just guarantee the end of all these papers if we know the destiny we are giving to them. That's why I am keen to start to delivery my papers to recycle companies by myself. Also, I am keen to create a campaign ( If Monash does so) that incentives all the students and staffs to delivery their paper stuffs in collection spots through the campuses and Monash could transfer them to a recycling partner. If we wanna change the world, we must start in our yard!. However if this initiative be successful, Monash Uni can even to expand it to schools, encouraging secondary students to do the same. I am totally keen to take this idea 'out the paper'!


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