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It happens many time that there are a few items lying around us which doesn't have any resell value and anyhow we try to get rid of it irrespective of the given condition of the product. When we get no buyers for such items, the last resort is to just dump those items. Thus in that manner, that item which happens to be in a good condition which could have been used by any other person gets dumped. Keeping this problem in mind, I'm currently developing a website which check for all the product listed as free on different websites which deal in selling used items and present those products on my website. So once the user is on my website, then they can simply browse through free products listed on my website and if they feel that a given product could be of their good use, they can simply select that product which will lead them to the given website accordingly. In this manner, the product listed by the buyer won't go wasted and it would be put to good use. Since my idea deals with utilizing the waste items, I believe Number One Sustainable Development Goal (No Poverty) since it would be helping the people in need.


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