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Despite being well aware of the impacts of single use plastic, I often find myself in situations using these items due to convenience and simply being stuck in old ways. Living in a household with three other people who share the task of grocery runs and preparing meals, it can be difficult to have a unified approach in plastic usage. I pledge to consciously reduce the use of excessive plastic individually and as a household by refusing to use plastic bags when purchasing items and bringing reusable bags with me. I will endeavour to use reusable containers when storing food and stop using zip lock bags and cling wrap. I will invest in a reusable straw, cutlery, drink bottle and keep cup and get into a routine of bringing them in my bag everywhere I go. I believe these small, inexpensive changes to my lifestyle will create a big impact by reducing the amount of single use plastic polluting our environment and going to landfill.


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I have started collected all soft-plastic packaging my family uses and have been taking them to Coles REDcycle recycling bins to recycle them. To reduce my overall plastic consumption, I have also started to wrap my foods in Beeswax wraps.


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