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SDG partnerships at monash

I am committed to ensuring that the Monash University student community is united in working towards the goals. On campus, we have many student groups doing amazing work in the areas of inclusion, environmental protection and social justice yet many of these activities do not make use of the universal language of the SDGs. Through implementing the language that was agreed upon by member nations at the UN, progress is not only discernible and cohesive but it also contributes to a sense of global solidarity towards a sustainable future. I pledge to educate and encourage groups working in these areas to use the framework of the goals and be guided by the targets in each domain to form and strengthen connections with groups and academics on campus. I believe that this is possible through my work as an SDG Coordinator at Monash University in 2019 and hope to be able to both qualify and quantify these changes by the end of the year by uniting current sustainability movements to make use of the international language of the goals.


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