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SDG 1: End poverty

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Ethical consumption

Choose sustainably produced garments. Purchase organic, fair trade cotton. Don't purchase cheap garments which exploit sweatshops in developing countries. Consider intragenerational equity.


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making a social contribution

Within a community, I believe that there is a certain level of social responsibility each of us holds in order to better support and better our community; whether it be Monash, our suburb or the other sub-cultural communities we may be apart of. The goal I prioritise most of the SDP is to End Poverty; my first step towards working to this goal will be to make a fornightly financial or voluntary contribution to any organisation or cause that aims to eradicate poverty and restore the inequality of wealth distribution. My secondary goal is to improve my own health and well-being by eating whole foods which I will purchase from the local market to support local suppliers/farmers, I also commit to the goal of not dining out excessively in order to save money and divert the funds to my charitable financial contributions.



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food for thought

Begin to regularly volunteer for a soup van to help tackle homelessness in Melbourne.


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pescatarian to vegetarian

I am currently a pescatarian and would like to cut down on my fish intake to eventually be a vegetarian.


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i want to encourage everyone to feel like they are worth it. Wherever they are in life, they are progressing.


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donating clothes

This month I am determined to collect any clothes and toys that are in good condition and donate them to the Salvation Army where people there need them more than I do. That way i am taking one step to give back to my community. Here is a photo of the first three bags I have collected to initiate my step.


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reducing food consumption

The Western diet tends to be a diet of over-consumption! The World is producing enough food and food wastage in Australia is high but millions of people in the world are starving. I aim to reduce my food wastage by only buying and consuming what is necessary. It is important to now waste any food. I also aim to buy products where there is little packaging and products that are not destroying the environment (such as palm oil). I know this step is not for everyone but i have made the decision to go vegetarian as it is more sustainable than commercial farming! If going vegetarian is not for you- at least try to reduce food wastage by eating only what you need!


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Taking an even bigger step!

I have been accepted into the 40K Globe foundation for a summer internship working in rural India! I am so excited I can get out there and help make a positive change in the energy and water sectors of such a great social business, creating clean renewable energy access to those in India that don't have power and helping make clean water more accessable. I am very excited and nervous for the culture shock I know I will get, but hopefully it will only push me to continue in working towards creating a more positive and sustainable world!



Georgina Knight | 10/05/2016 - 22:52

Congratulations! I'm sure it will be an amazing experience!


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commit to finish whats on my

Complete whats on my plate because there are many people out there that are struggling to survive because of hunger and yet we all sometimes to throw away food that has either bad taste or we are full. For that I will be organising a hotgrahy exhibition once I complete my degree in order to raise funds to give the one in need access to food and basic sanitation


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support social equality

Given the social inequalities that continue to persist in society, I'd like to make a pledge and continue to take action against social inequality, whether it be famine, sexism, racism.



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