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SDG 1: End poverty

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Influence people to travel around their area, give benefit to local economy, protect the environment, and to appreciate the tourist destination around their area.


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Monash University Sustainable Development Volunteering Program

Without help, the people, communities and natural environments that are significantly impacted by global challenges struggle to overcome these challenges and experience a sustainable and prosperous future. This One Step has the potential to work towards achieving each one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It consists of creating a sponsored sustainability focused leadership program for emerging leaders at Monash University. Students will be sponsored to lead a project addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Projects could include establishing a system where children and their families in Nepal have access to vaccinations, building appropriate education facilities in Bangladesh, travelling to Kenya to install clean water and sanitation facilities or stopping all single-use plastic consumption in Monash University. In addition, each project would aim to empower locals in each destination by equipping them with the knowledge and resources enabling them to continue sustainable practices in the future. It is the aim that each program will contribute to global sustainability while developing the sustainable leadership of Monash University students.


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I started to like plant-based food more when I realised that they can be more beneficial not only to my health by lowering body weight and reducing heart diseases risks but also to the environment. It has been reported that meat production, compared with meatless food production, can lead to more greenhouse gas emissions and also increasing the use of water and land. Since then, I became flexitarian (a word describing semi-vegetarian), by which I mean I chose to reduce my meat consumption on purpose. Now, a step further can be taken by preparing my own flexitarian food! This can help reduce food waste and also the use of disposable utensils, which is a big issue when ordering takeaways. I've started this Monday to prepare meatless food myself for one meal every day and hope to increase the frequencies for the following weeks!


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Market foods

I will influence the people in my house as well as myself to purchase food (fruits/vegetables) from local markets instead of supermarkets. This will allow me to increase the success of local market businesses as well as provide our household with fresh food.


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Sharing my meal

It is devastating how much some human beings live without. According to the World Bank, there are at least 1.1 billion people living in extreme poverty, barely able to afford food, clothing, medicine and other basic necessities. Here in Australia, many of us are fortunate enough to afford an excess of these necessities. I never want to take for granted how fortunate I am. Share The Meal is an app created by the UN World Food Programme that offers us an affordable and easy way to feed undernourished children in countries such as Syria, Yemen and Uganda. When I first saw this app I was inspired! What an incredible way to tackle extreme poverty and hunger around the globe! For every meal I enjoy over the next 12 months which was not made with my own two hands, I pledge today to share it with a hungry child.


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Share your joy

I definitely want to continue donating my used and loved clothes to those that need or would like to love the pair of clothing as much as I would. As humans, we grow out of our old self and wake up as a new person every day and this goes the same as what we wear. Our fashion sense pretty much evolves as we age and we continue to seek what are the best clothes or items we can wear that best suit our personality and interest. In hopes that when I donate my items, the receivers will feel as happy as I did when I first purchased or wore the pretty blue dress back then.


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One Care Initiative

On 2016, along with some of my friends, we started a community called ONE CARE INITIATIVE (or Komunitas Satu Peduli in Bahasa Indonesia) as a platform to do activities which has good impact for the society. The reason is simply to show our care about issues that are happening in our society. How we work is simple - the action that we do have to be simple yet making impact to the society. Since then, we have done so much through this platform - from providing assistance to disability community, collaborating with Indonesian NGO to provide sex-ed to school in Jakarta suburban areas. We make those ourselves, we search for the funding ourselves, and we collaborate with local government authority and NGO ourselves. At the moment, we are taking this community action to the next level by attempting to provide adequate education to Indonesian border areas which sometimes overlooked by many people and hence some of these areas were stricken by poverty with little to none education facility. We were hoping that in the future we can help those area by providing necessary education facility which might (at least) supports basic education activities in that said areas. We call this MUTUAL TEACHING Project (Saling Ajar Project - in Bahasa Indonesia). As our first step, in 2018, we manage to survey some border area in Nusa Tenggara Timur Province while at the same time giving them seminars about education, healthcare, and nationalism (the photo is taken on our visit to Belu Village - 2018). We were hoping that this project could be a start to something big and raise more concern for the wellness of people in overlooked areas. To know more about us you can visit our facebook page :


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We've all heard it before... throughout primary school, high school, Uni and even at work. But how far do we take this catchy slogan? It wasn't until last year and the beginning of this year that I really thought about the 3 R's in depth. I learnt a great deal more about what it really meant, in both your personal life and the wider community. As a step that I have been following for the past year I have developed the concept further to fit in with my journey towards sustainable living. It goes; REDUCE - Consumption?? How much do I consume, daily to monthly, to even yearly. Fast-fashion was a really concerning topic for me. The industry is the epitome of a throwaway mindset. Clothes are made for next to nothing with exported labour costs worryingly low, using the cheapest, generally toxic materials at rapid paces. The used resources like the amount of water, the cotton, and after that the Co2 emissions that are unleashed make for an environmental catastrophe. Clothes being perhaps my most common buys - This year I am saying NO to the fast-fashion industry, YES to what I already have, to vintage/secondhand, to clothing swaps and more. To buying what I need, and not to the shiny new things. This leads us into the next R, REUSE: Looking at what I already have, and finding something new in them everyday, tending and fixing things that might break or tear and most of all being appreciative of the abundance of luxuries I've been lucky enough to have. It put me in a mindset that I already have everything I need to be happy, everything else is just a luxury! *A luxury that I cherish Restyling outfits had me pulling things out from 5 years ago, that I absolutely love now. RECYCLE; I found myself thinking about recycling as a last resort, because if your can recycle things again personally, it's really just reusing? This Christmas I wrapped my presents in cut- offs from material we had lying around. Most of the material was given back to me, where I can now use that for other projects or to wrap presents again. What once was a recycling event has turned to a reuse! Evidently, this is much more a first world problem where consumption is at a all time high. But reusing can be applied to almost anything, and doesn't always have to mean a major change. Reusing works hand in hand with reducing, as long as I'm committed to buying minimal and necessity (which will be different for everyone). I pledge to continue finding ways to infiltrate all 3 within my life and my surrounding community.


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conscious student

I was inspired by Monash's "One Step" Campaign, because it illustrated how we have so many opportunities throughout the day to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, this is basically my journey. And I will post about choices that I feel are significant to MY LIFE AS A STUDENT and how my current situation presents me with every day choices to live a more sustainable or, as my title suggests, make choices while being conscious of their effects on the world. I am starting with... walking to school or taking the bus from the Bus Loop! (I haven't purchased a bike, as all of my classes are in the evening and I'm not comfortable with biking in the dark) YAY for lower carbon emissions!


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Green the office

Actively seeking to make the work office environmentally friendly and promoting activities supporting eco-friendliness.



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