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my not-so chemical romance

I will stop buying cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals, both for personal hygiene purposes and for house cleaning purposes. When buying products, we don't usually think about what is in them and how it affects our personal health or the environments once they are washed down the drain. A lot of the time the chemicals we use at home or for our personal use damages the environment, especially waterways and the ocean, which have sensitive ecosystems. Additionally, products that are made of natural ingredients have the stigma of not being as effective but the truth is, is that they are. Therefore, I shall be more aware about the products I use and reduce the amount of chemicals I release to the world by researching and buying products that are made from natural ingredients. I will also try to encourage my housemates to do the same.



Ahmet Cem Erdem | 03/18/2019 - 16:24

I do the same especially because there is a bike road from my home all the way to Monash Caulfield :)

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