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reduce my single-use waste

I believe that I should reduce the amount of single-use plastic I use at university. Until recently, I didn’t focus too much on the amount of preventable waste I throw out and how it impacted the larger picture. However, after undertaking the unit BEX3150, I have started to change my habits and believe that I can accomplish this pledge before the end of June. I can make headway in this pledge by switching over to a reusable coffee/tea cup, switching over from using single-use water bottles to a single reusable water bottle, plastics straws to metal straws and by not bringing food in single-use plastic containers or wrapping the food I bring to uni in plastic and opting for their reusable counterparts. I believe that by attempting to change these habits at university I am becoming more aware of the negative impact that plastic has on the environment and can start making progress in keeping these habits well after I complete university.


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