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Saving the sea

Cosmetics and products that we use on our skin, hair and bodies may be inadvertently harming the environment; land and marine ecosystems. These products whilst may be marketed as 'green' products may be releasing non-biodegradable molecules into the environment. For example, sunscreen not engineered for marine life may be harmful to the oceans as there is no filtration or septic system that processes the product before being released into the ocean. Body scents, body soaps may all carry the same risk. An Australian government report from 2018 details the effect of plastic and pollutants on corals; exposure to any plastic or pollutant increases the corals likelihood of contracting disease from 4% to 89%. Being mindful of what the product is made of and how the residue can be washed into water systems is a good start to becoming more aware of the effects of our products. I will replace my current products with biodegradable, marine safe products to prevent more pollutants from reaching the sea and our water supply.


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