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SDG 11: Safe and inclusive cities and communities

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Exercise more often

Go out for walks and cycle more often instead of cooling up at home


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i want to encourage everyone to feel like they are worth it. Wherever they are in life, they are progressing.


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Take public Transport to UNi

I am going to continue taking the train and bus to get to university. Not only can I relax on the commute, but taking public transport also contributes to the reducing emissions. Plus, you can catch up with your friends on the way!



RITA AMES | 03/18/2019 - 21:13

also use glass containers


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donating clothes

This month I am determined to collect any clothes and toys that are in good condition and donate them to the Salvation Army where people there need them more than I do. That way i am taking one step to give back to my community. Here is a photo of the first three bags I have collected to initiate my step.


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support social equality

Given the social inequalities that continue to persist in society, I'd like to make a pledge and continue to take action against social inequality, whether it be famine, sexism, racism.


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join volunteer

Start volunteer!!!!! Just for help 1.start search during free time,apply for volunteer online,and choose the volunteer time in weekend.



David Robertson | 09/20/2016 - 09:59

Great idea! Have you found a place to volunteer yet?

Yu Tan | 09/30/2016 - 14:14

Yes!2 opportunities confirmed!

Jierong Zhao | 06/27/2021 - 17:04



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No more Plastic

Let it be recycling, planting trees I will ensure that I contribute more to conserve, less to landfill. I will strive to ensure that there will be enough resources for evergrowing new generations. I have been given the privilege to consume without any struggle. The future generation should also be given the same opportunity.



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