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SDG 11: Safe and inclusive cities and communities



I'd want to help people working in green stuff out however way I can to make sure we can make the world beautiful again


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Use Jute Bags for shopping

I wanted the most eco friendly bags to use for shopping, as the green supermarket bags are still a type of plastic. Cotton, and even organic cotton, still use a lot of resources ( water and chemcials for nonorganic) to produce. Jute however requires much less water, grows quickly and requires minimal to no fertiliser. Although I was aware of the carbon miles the bags would travel, I chose to buy some made by a Bangladeshi Womens Co-op and the bags are fantastic. Best still, I can home compost them when they are no longer useable:)


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MOO Hungry

I,ll try not to let waste food dump in the fields so as to reduce green house gas emission. Dumping waste food is the biggest concern of now as approximately 20% of food bought for consumption is wasted i.e., 1 bag of grocery out of 5 bags purchased. Dumped waste food produces methane and other harmful gases which effects the environment. Also every 1 person out of 100 in Australia are living homeless and don't have money to buy food for three times a day. Raising this issue to globalization may help save us, our family, our friends, our loved ones and most of all important our global home OUR EARTH!



yu chen | 02/23/2019 - 13:36

Yep, we should try our best to take our own drink bottle to everywhere.


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responsible consumption

One of the biggest challenges we face today is consumerism and the consequences that follow: waste, inefficient use of resources, human rights abuse in the supply chain and the list goes on. Purchasing this jacket represents the start of living a minimalistic life. I'm aiming to purchase quality clothing that will last me for longer periods and buy brands that conduct their business in an ethical manner as oppose to mindlessly buying cheaper clothing with no consideration for their makers. This step aims to support corporations that conduct their business with the consideration of the communities and people.


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Toward Inclusivity

I am pledging to learn basic level Auslan within one year in order to take a step toward a more inclusive world for the Deaf. Although myself alone being able to communicate through Auslan will not achieve the SDGs I have highlighted, it is my hope that this is just the first step, and I can soon aim to educate individuals and organisations to advocate for a welcoming and inclusive society for those who use Auslan to communicate. In an ideal world, such a movement would reduce inequalities in society (often, the ability to consume or easily convey information), provide wider employment for Deaf Australians, and thereby result in a more inclusive community overall. (Image:


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Ride bike

I will ride my bike to campus and some short distance destinations including the grocery shops and train station.


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Cycling towards Sustainability

Cycling causes virtually no environmental damage, promotes health through physical activity, takes up little space and is economical, both in direct user costs and public infrastructure costs. I pledge to ride my bicycle from home to university everyday, which is approximately a 6 km ride. This will hopefully encourage my friends and family to reduce their dependence on fossil-fuel run vehicles, which will also reduce traffic congestion on the road and improve their health as well!



Leong Soo San | 11/30/2017 - 18:53

Good idea. wear the T-shirt that says Better Health, Better World


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Everyday I meet different people throughout the day. I meet my friends, family, co-workers, teachers and other strangers. Among all those I meet, I always try to make at least someone happy in some form. If an officer at Monash Connect provides good service, I praise his effort and give compliments. If a friend or brother is feeling down, I comfort him. Even if somebody’s angry at me, I try to see his view point and empathize. Making other people happy, makes me happy in turn. Sometimes I do not get the chance to do this throughout the day. But, that's ok. Sometimes I have a bad day myself and feel down. In these circumstances, I pull myself up because I have learnt to pull others every other day. Only with a sustainable mind, one can create sustainable environment around him. Therefore, I will make someone happy today. "There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path." - Buddha


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food for thought

Begin to regularly volunteer for a soup van to help tackle homelessness in Melbourne.


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Change daily habit

I will eat outside less and bring my own food with reusable box, or if I need to buy, I will choose not to use the plastic packages and bring my own cutleries I will be more selective with my consumption when I do groceries, looking for sustainability resource label and buy local product as well as use reusable bag



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