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SDG 11: Safe and inclusive cities and communities

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Monash University Sustainable Development Volunteering Program

Without help, the people, communities and natural environments that are significantly impacted by global challenges struggle to overcome these challenges and experience a sustainable and prosperous future. This One Step has the potential to work towards achieving each one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It consists of creating a sponsored sustainability focused leadership program for emerging leaders at Monash University. Students will be sponsored to lead a project addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Projects could include establishing a system where children and their families in Nepal have access to vaccinations, building appropriate education facilities in Bangladesh, travelling to Kenya to install clean water and sanitation facilities or stopping all single-use plastic consumption in Monash University. In addition, each project would aim to empower locals in each destination by equipping them with the knowledge and resources enabling them to continue sustainable practices in the future. It is the aim that each program will contribute to global sustainability while developing the sustainable leadership of Monash University students.


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Ride to sustainability

I will use my bicycle for my daily commute to university and work. The goal is to reduce the use of fossil fuels and the emission of greenhouse gases, as well as improve my personal fitness.


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Connecting land and people

I have been an advocate for gardening and environmental care for many years. Growing food in my own garden is integral to my mental health. It has also brought me into contact with wonderful role models. Research demonstrates a strong correlation between the practice of gardening, and feelings of wellbeing and social inclusion. I would love to take the ‘next step’ by sharing my passion for the environment and gardening with groups at-risk of developing mental health issues, including research students and women in the workplace. This step will involve designing and delivering workshops in my garden, which share knowledge on growing seasonal foods. At the core of my passion for gardening and building community is a commitment to sustainability and resilience in a troubled world. I would like to be a leader in this space, and I see this as a step in the right direction.


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I will walk or ride my bicycle 10km to University at least once a week to thus avoid the usage of transport which releases harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.


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Travelling Together

As the negative impact of climate change increases, the need to lower humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions is more important than ever before. With a global effort in government and business underway it can sometimes seem hard for the general public to get involved and make a difference. The best place to start is always with your own personal emissions, for example, by altering your means of travel can make a significant impact. In Australia, 18% of our annual greenhouse gas pollution is from transport, the majority of which is done on our roads. I plan to reduce my carbon emissions in this area especially through the way I get to Monash. By carpooling with a friend you instantly half your collective emissions from the trip. The less cars driving the same trip the smaller the impact on the environment. Another easy but effective way to make a difference is by using public transport whenever possible. Entirely remove the emissions you would have released from your car by filling up trains and buses instead which already would have been running. By sharing your journey with others and travelling together, we can all help make a difference.


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I am currently studying a Masters Degree in Inclusive (and Special) Education, because I believe that the best possible future we can have is on that includes helping everyone develop to their best potential - and that starts in schools! I am also currently looking for volunteer opportunities in the community, to support children and youth with disabilities.


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Farmers Markets

Farmers markets have so many positives that will help me in becoming a step closer to sustainable living. A personal goal of mine is to reach 0 single-use plastic consumption, as well as the reduction of plastic in the bathroom and kitchen. In many mainstream supermarkets plastic comes in abundance with produce that naturally has a protective layer like bananas coming wrapped in plastic! More often than not farmers markets make efforts to reduce their plastic and usually sell the produce fresh and raw - the way it should be. The produce being fresh is a plus for our health, but as it travels from the local farms, CO2 emissions are not as significant compared to what a regular supermarket are likely to produce. Additionally, you are supporting local farmers and their livelihoods, where they have much more flexibility in setting their own prices. Lastly, it brings together the community, where people are able to socialise, give each other sustainable tips and talk about what they have been working on - where healthy communities are vital in propelling a sustainable future! So in understanding the effects of all these positives I am eager to take this step and make time to go to my local farmers markets where I pledge to continue eliminating single-use plastics from my life


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conscious student

I was inspired by Monash's "One Step" Campaign, because it illustrated how we have so many opportunities throughout the day to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, this is basically my journey. And I will post about choices that I feel are significant to MY LIFE AS A STUDENT and how my current situation presents me with every day choices to live a more sustainable or, as my title suggests, make choices while being conscious of their effects on the world. I am starting with... walking to school or taking the bus from the Bus Loop! (I haven't purchased a bike, as all of my classes are in the evening and I'm not comfortable with biking in the dark) YAY for lower carbon emissions!


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reread the books

By giving our old books for others, I believe that we not only spread knowledge to whom need it, but we also save cost for printing and cutting down trees for paper. Cre of the photo:


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Green the office

Actively seeking to make the work office environmentally friendly and promoting activities supporting eco-friendliness.



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