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SDG 11: Safe and inclusive cities and communities

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The Art of sustainability

I love art, and I am keenly aware of the need to get the world on a path towards sustainability. I intend to hold an online art exhibition atleast by the end of the year. I have some ideas...will be exploring more in the summer break! The point being..we need to show and help everyone understand the unsustainability of life as "usual". In fact our lifestyles are highly unusual from even 40 years ago! Where did we go wrong, how can we wake up everyone from the state of what I would call a zombiefied existence of consumption? How do we "educate, agitate and organise" people in engaging and a relevant manner? Those are the thoughts that constantly drive me. [Photo by James Garman on Unsplash]


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proper disposal of 1-use mask

Due to COVID, 1-use masks littering have polluted our oceans and communities. Therefore my initiative is to educate people on proper disposal of masks.


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Shopping local

Recently, I have made the shift to vegetarianism to help reduce the carbon footprint of my food. However, it is often the food miles of what we put in our plate that contribute the most to carbon emissions. Melbourne is full of fresh fruit and vegetable markets as well as local bakeries. Finding and shopping at a local markets - especially if they are accessible by foot, bicycle or other non-polluting means of transport - will not only help to reduce food miles but also encourage me to eat more healthily, buy fruit and veg that are in season, and reduce packaging involved with industrial food processing. Though less convenient than driving to my usual supermarket for a grocery run, shopping locally can make a big environmental difference if we all adopt it as a habit and, who knows, could also bind us closer as neighbourhoods and communities!


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Riley hodgson

I pledge to discover and share one at least one new exciting article/fact/news piece a week that highlights a particular sustainability goal. There's so much happening in the world both good and bad and I want to focus on the good. New innovations, initiatives or government action which brings the world one step closer to achieving the SDG’s are meant to be shared. Already participating in many small actions which help reduce waste and electricity I wanted to do something different as my ‘one step.’ I am inspired by what I read, watch and hear and want to do the same for others. Good actions need more recognition! That’s why I want to be a voice that recognises and celebrates progress.


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To encourage cross-cultural exchange, I will organise weekly 'food sharing' / cooking lessons with other students to celebrate our diverse cultural heritage and backgrounds


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ParkCar Chill

Me and my teammates are currently creating an app helping drivers book and secure the on-street parking spot in advance and settle the payment online. Not only ParkCar Chill helps driver decrease money loss by setting the parking fine alert system, but also contribute to a smarter city by potentially lowering the traffic jam and pollution. And finally, we can help government to save more human cost by hiring less ticket officer.


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Better Education

I'm hoping to start an awareness campaign for better mental healthcare facilities in schools in my home country of Bangladesh before the end of this year. I will do this by approaching schools with a detailed plan of action and running workshops that explain how much it helps students to have mental healthcare available to them and how this leads to better education. I also plan on getting five friends involved in my campaign to spread awareness on better mental healthcare in Bangladesh.


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inclusive social communities

There is a very large social divide between local and international students in Australian universities. I will do my best to help international students settle into a foreign environment and make them feel welcome by inviting them to social events and activities where they can create meaningful friendships with both local and international students. Furthermore, I will work towards a social business venture that aims to integrate international students with the local community.




Currently in India, communities are still using kerosene lamps. Bring LED lights to communities is more sustainable for the future, allows people to study at night, and travel safely during night time.


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For All

As a former Special Education teacher, I observed how I was participating in systems of exclusion in schools and, ultimately, in society. That's why I started studying MEd of Inclusive and Special Education, to learn how to contribute to INCLUSION. It was in this course that I became more aware of different forms of exclusion, and have begun thinking of ways that I can help develop a more inclusive future. Through being more inclusive, we can lift out of poverty those excluded from economic growth and employment, we can improve the emotional health and well-being of those excluded from access to their human rights, we can reduce inequalities between people excluded from opportunities, and ultimately create more developed, safe, and peaceful communities.



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