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SDG 14: Sustainable oceans

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No more Plastic

Let it be recycling, planting trees I will ensure that I contribute more to conserve, less to landfill. I will strive to ensure that there will be enough resources for evergrowing new generations. I have been given the privilege to consume without any struggle. The future generation should also be given the same opportunity.


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Stop purchasing plastic water bottles

Start and continue using a reusable bottle instead of having excess plastic bottles.



Morgan Stevens | 10/10/2016 - 15:53

Last week I misplaced my beloved drink bottle. Instead of buying multiple plastic bottles until I could find it, I went and purchased another re-useable bottle. Now that I've found my drink bottle I have two re-useable bottles to use just in case I ever loose my bottle again I've got another one on hand and less likely to buy a plastic bottle.



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