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SDG 14: Sustainable oceans

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Organise a beach cleanup

I would like to organise a beach cleanup with my friends to help protect the marine life of Port Philip Bay


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Reduce my waste by taking a drink bottle with me wherever I go instead of buying water, bring my own take away containers to use as doggy bags at restaurants and only buy second hand clothing.


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Farmers markets

Farmers markets have so many positives that will help me in becoming a step closer to sustainable living. A personal goal of mine is to reach 0 single-use plastic consumption, as well as the reduction of plastic in the bathroom and kitchen. In many of out supermarkets so many products are packaged in plastic, whereas a farmers markets little to no plastic is used. Produce is fresh being a plus for our health, but as it travels from the local farms CO2 emissions are not as significant compared to what a regular supermarket are likely to produce. Additionally, you are supporting local farmers and their livelihoods, where they have much more flexibility in setting their own prices. Lastly, it brings together the community, where people are able to socialise, give each other sustainable tips and talk about what they have been working on - where healthy communities are vital in propelling a sustainable future! So in understanding the effects of all these positives I am eager to take this step and make time to go to my local farmers markets.


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Fair well single use plastic

Being an avid diver, spear-fisherman and surfer I am constantly collecting plastic waste from the ocean and beaches. According to the Australian Marine Conservation society there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050, with over 8 tons being dumped every year. I would like to promote a week of single use plastic awareness and its effects on our ocean. Including ocean clean ups, smart alternatives and sharing innovative ideas from around the globe.


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Only use bamboo straws for two months


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Reduce and reuse

I want to say goodbye to the disposables and hello to the reusables in an attempt to reduce my carbon footprint, help keep oceans clear of waste and promote more responsible consumption. Additionally encouraging ensure that I encourage all those around me to do the same. This includes plastic straws, disposable coffee cups, plastic bags, disposable plastic cutlery and more.


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Green the office

Actively seeking to make the work office environmentally friendly and promoting activities supporting eco-friendliness.


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Awareness of problems should be followed by action. We need to win this war against Irresponsible, Selfish, Unsustainable Homo sapiens. @worldwidegreenewarriors (Facebook page)


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No more straws!

I'm vowing to never use plastic straws, and to actively encourage others, including organisations, to do the same! Although they're so small, the sheer mass of these tiny pieces of plastic means that they accumulate and take around 200 years to decompose. So my step is purchasing a reusable straw and spreading the word about the impacts that straws have.


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Conscious use of plastic

Consciously reducing the use of excessive plastic by voluntarily choosing to either omit plastic packaging where possible. For example, when given the option to either choose individual fruits not packaged in plastic bags for convenience or a bagged portion of prepacked fruit, I will actively choose the individual fruits. The prepacked fruit, while perfect for convenient portioning uses excess plastic that will only end up being disposed of after being opened.



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