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Living in a world of high carbon emissions, fast fashion and accumulating waste can be exhausting! I pledge to start making a bigger impact on my lifestyle by adopting carbon reducing techniques. I will utilise public transport more as an alternative to driving my car as it is a lot more accessible than we think and can be seen as another social opportunity when catching the bus/train with friends. I plan to not purchase any new items (clothes, books, homewares etc) that are not essential this year to reduce the popularisation of fast fashion and encourage a 'swap culture' where I share items with friends. If I do have to make a purchase, I will chose to invest in items that will last longer despite being more expensive as they are more environmentally friendly alternatives. These small changes will ensure I can become a responsible consumer in this fast-paced world.


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BYO Cutlery

It is tempting to have lunch outside but most often the use of one-of plastic cutlery mean that we are generating a lot of waste and impacting our environment. This step requires me to bring my own cutlery in order to reduce the amount of plastic waste i generate throughout the day. The cutlery are cleaned at the end of the day and will be reused the next day. The purpose of this action is to ensure that i am able to reduce the amount of plastic waste i generate throughout the deal and move towards sustainable consumption. This challenge attempts to meet the UN sustainable development goals 12 with assisting the target to help reduce waste generation through recycling and reuse.


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