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reduce my consumption of palm oil

The world's most used vegetable oil is the main reason for the rainforest disappearing in Indonesia and Malaysia. For us, the problems with palm oil are not so visible in everyday life, but the use of palm oil has severe consequences for humans, animals, rainforests and the climate. Most of the palm oil comes from Southeast Asia, and to meet the enormous global demand for palm oil, Indonesia plans to double the production of palm oil to 40 million tonnes annually by 2020. As a consequence of this biologists fear that orangutans will become extinct in Southeast Asia in less than 10 years due to deforestation. In other words, it is necessary to reduce demand, and it is here we as consumers can play an essential role as around 50% of packaged supermarket products in Australia contain palm oil. Hence, I pledge to use less palm oil (preferably none) by using the Palm Oil Barcode Scanner App made by Palm Oil Investigations. With it, you can easily find out which foods contain palm oil and how much.


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