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Ishwantha Kishore Krishnapillai Raveendranathan's picture

Say no to plastic cutleries/straws/food boxes

I'll say no to plastic cutleries and boxes at restaurants. I've been a big time advocate at home and even among my other communities to reduce the usage of plastic cutleries/straws/food boxes. It is a very small step yet it is also very significant as every little action counts. This is because, plastic cutleries/straws undergo a 'take-make-waste' lifecycle, which means these products end up in landfill very quickly. Even though this cannot be completely reduced immediately, the first step should be to extend the lifecycle of these products. So, this is my small step towards a bigger goal. Thank you.


Julia Lee's picture

ditch plastic bags

I'm aiming to completely stop using plastic bags for all shopping to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the ocean.


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