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SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

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turning off power points

We are all guilty of doing this. A great way to save energy (and money!) is to turn off switches when they are not being used around home, work and university


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Ride Green

I will ride my bicycle more than driving my car as my car emits harmful toxins into the air. It will also be a good influence for my friends and family!


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No more PALM OIL products

Sustainability and social justice play a huge role in my life from day to day. With some thought, I have identified a giant gap. I have been eating a vegan diet for approximately 8 years, but in order to go completely cruelty free and ethical, it's time for me to get serious about comprehensively responsible consumption. I pledge to avoid the purchase of any products containing palm oil (linked to deforestation, climate change, habitat degradation, animal abuse and indigenous rights abuses). I intend to make this a permanent change. Looking forward to the adjustment!


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Change daily habit

I will eat outside less and bring my own food with reusable box, or if I need to buy, I will choose not to use the plastic packages and bring my own cutleries I will be more selective with my consumption when I do groceries, looking for sustainability resource label and buy local product as well as use reusable bag


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Naked bulk

As I have recently moved to Melbourne from Sydney, and have moved into a new home, I am keen to set myself up a little more sustainably. I am more and more conscious of avoiding single use plastics, but when trying to stock up my new kitchen I was made aware of all the unnecessary packaging for many of the items I had bought. After chatting with my new roommate I came up with a list of local stores I will visit for future grocery shopping where I can bring my own container or jar to refill. I buy a lot of fruit and veg, so I will look for a good local farmers market for these items, and for pantry goods like pasta, cereals, legumes etc I would like to go to bulk buy stores where I can take my own containers and reduce unnecessary waste from packaging.


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yes to reusables!

Saying no more to plastic water bottles and shopping bags! Instead I will bring my reusable water bottle with me and bring my reusable shopping bag when doing my weekly grocery shop!


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Eat only vegetarian food for a month (or longer!)


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Plasticless shopping

I use Green Bags, Keep Cup and all the works when it comes to reducing my plastic consumption. But it is increasingly clear to me that I can do more - so many items come wrapped in plastic, or fruit and veg from the supermarket might be placed in plastic produce bags. So I pledge to only buy items that come in jars, cans, boxes or no packaging at all to ensure that my footprint gets ever smaller.


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Although I am already a religious user of my Coles green bags and reusable coffee cup, I have realised that there is an excessive amount of plastic packaging out there which is a much bigger problem! Supermarkets Shelves and uni cafes are full of items wrapped in Single use Plastics, which all end up in landfill or fly away into the ocean. I am saying NO to all single use plastic, which is a challenge, but not only would it have a huge effect on the environment, eating raw wholefoods rather than processed packaged food is healthier for everyone!


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COmmit to a green lifestyle

To only use sustainable resources and reduce my personal waste and try and influence those around me . I commit to using my car less, taking public transport, not using disposable containers or plastic bags and living a vegan lifestyle. I hope my actions will make those around me think about their own actions as well.



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