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SDG 15: Protect ecosystems, forests and biodiversity loss

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PLant based power

This month I am going to eat totally plant based and avoid all animal products. Taking this step to lessen my personal impact on the environment!


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Reduce food wastage

I will minimize the unnecessary wastage of food by ordering smaller portions when eating out and also making sure to cook as much of the ingredients I buy as possible. You can also reduce the amount of meat in your diet by eating things like this vegetarian lasagna from Monash Wholefoods!


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Shift in Mindset

1. Continue to inspire others to live a more environmentally conscious and sustainable lifestyle, and ultimately support leaders at the political level who invest in a sustainable future. I will do this through my start-up @mothernaturesmilk (Instagram) and website I am attempting to make sustainability and conservation cool, by living a fun, outdoor orientated lifestyle filled with adventure whilst minimising my footprint and maximising sustainability practises. 2. Make a conscious effort to reduce energy consumption on a daily basis, and switch to an energy provider who is highly supportive of renewable, clean energy. 3. Buy only sustainable and ethical products e.g. support companies who are by-catch friendly, apply sustainable farming practises and those who are against wide scale logging.


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Go vegan

It has been a couple of weeks since I stopped eating meat. It is much easier than I anticipated. Not only do I feel great, I save money and I am getting in shape. I will now attempt to stop eating animal products and eventually go vegan. #noanimalproducts


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Revolutionising our rubbish

I will attempt to minimise the waste to landfill that our household (as a whole) produces, given that greenhouse gases produced from landfill are a major contributor to global warming, and use diverted organic waste to reduce my own personal demand for fresh produce by using the newly-created compost to help grow my own vegetables!


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Protect and help wildlife

I will sign up with my local wildlife shelter to help in need animals, this means transporting them to wildlife shelters, vets or releasing them when they are ready to be released. It also means helping out at the shelters if they need help.


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Growing my own food

I just spent the whole weekend planting a veggie patch in my back garden so I can grow fresh, organic food for myself and my family. This meets several goals all at once. I will be getting more exercise and eating more healthy, vegetarian food. Growing your own food is also better for the environment, as there is no pollution from transport, pesticides or fertilizers, and the plants act as a carbon sink. My next step is to plant some native plants to help improve biodiversity in my area.



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I purchase sustainable and ethically sourced products wherever I can! This product is my favourite! I also minimise my use of plastic bags and ensure my products don't contain any microplastics that can be consumed by marine life! My one step would be to reduce all use of plastic bags and other plastics!


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Op shop > topshop

I pledge to only purchase second hand clothing and footwear for the next 6 months, as well as to increase the frequency with which I borrow/rent items as opposed to buying them.


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Kill the textbooks

Stopping using the paper packs of textbooks. Instead choosing to use the cheaper, lighter and undamaged e-textbook during the study and daily life.



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