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SDG 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

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UniX will tackle: - Challenges that happen in cultural adaptation of international students in Monash University. - Cross-cultural networks among international students, migrant students and local students in Monash University. But further than that, UniX hope to increase equalities among races in Australia


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reread the books

By giving our old books for others, I believe that we not only spread knowledge to whom need it, but we also save cost for printing and cutting down trees for paper. Cre of the photo:


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Green the office

Actively seeking to make the work office environmentally friendly and promoting activities supporting eco-friendliness.


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treat everyone with kindness

We all live in this world together & there should not be any discrimination to people from any background such as different race, religion, working class, social class & gender. All over the world, countless discrimination & unfair treatment of said classes are happening hiding under our just society. Though, various human rights organisations such as 'Human Rights Watch" & more countries have been campaigning to impose human rights, we also have the power to change our own society & how we treat our fellow human beings around us. Whether it be a smile, a nod, a concern, an understanding, an acknowledgement, a hug, no matter how small a gesture, if it's compassionate, it definitely will go a thousand miles to make positive & kinder change to all the people around us. So, with genuine intentions, start asking how are their days doing to a random cleaner. Give a hand to a overburdened waitress waiting your table. Show empathy & compassion to unique individuals with autism, blindness or deaf. Respect a fellow college student from a different country & culture. If you have a domestic helper, treat him or her like how you would treat your friend. The kinder we are as a whole, the kinder the society will become :)


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fashion more slowly

I pledge to stop buying from fast fashion retailers. The textile/fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry in the world. I pledge to buy second hand and when buying new, to always think carefully about my purchases (if I don't think I will wear it more than 30 times, I won't be buying it!)


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Going vegan and encouraging o

I have decided to reduce my carbon footprint by going vegan. With enough people changing their deit to vegan, this will drastically reduce land usage, chemical run off, carbon and methane production, while increasing people's health and well-being. Veganism is a more sustainable use of resources and is the future if we want to achieve Sustainability. I have pledged to eat vegan as I cannot be a sustainable designer or human if I support the world's largest environmental issue. I hope by the end of the semester I can be fully vegan as at the moment my diet is roughly 90% vegan - I also hope to encourage at least 2 friends or family members to also go vegan.




I'd want to help people working in green stuff out however way I can to make sure we can make the world beautiful again


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Use Jute Bags for shopping

I wanted the most eco friendly bags to use for shopping, as the green supermarket bags are still a type of plastic. Cotton, and even organic cotton, still use a lot of resources ( water and chemcials for nonorganic) to produce. Jute however requires much less water, grows quickly and requires minimal to no fertiliser. Although I was aware of the carbon miles the bags would travel, I chose to buy some made by a Bangladeshi Womens Co-op and the bags are fantastic. Best still, I can home compost them when they are no longer useable:)


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one week vegetarian

Being a vegetarian not only improves one's health, but also have a powerful impact on the environment. Animal agriculture is one of the major contribution towards climate change today. As a matter of fact, we can reduce greenhouse emissions as well as preserve water and land by just changing our diet. And the benefit goes on to saving lives! According to research from Cornell University, if the grain fed to livestock is directly consumed by people, 800 million people can be free from hunger. Therefore, I pledge to reduce my meat consumption, starting my first step by being a vegetarian for a week from 13/8/18


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Everyday I meet different people throughout the day. I meet my friends, family, co-workers, teachers and other strangers. Among all those I meet, I always try to make at least someone happy in some form. If an officer at Monash Connect provides good service, I praise his effort and give compliments. If a friend or brother is feeling down, I comfort him. Even if somebody’s angry at me, I try to see his view point and empathize. Making other people happy, makes me happy in turn. Sometimes I do not get the chance to do this throughout the day. But, that's ok. Sometimes I have a bad day myself and feel down. In these circumstances, I pull myself up because I have learnt to pull others every other day. Only with a sustainable mind, one can create sustainable environment around him. Therefore, I will make someone happy today. "There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path." - Buddha



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