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SDG 8: Economic growth and employment

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lead the way

I want students enrolled in universities to lead teams and step out to meet people and to communicate their ideas.


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Solar Powered Robot

Many people may not aware that Australia burns a staggering amount of fossil fuel on grass cutting every year. Each lawn mower emits the same amount of greenhouse gases of 40 cars. We all love our lawns, but it is about time for us to consider clean energy lawn mowers. While solar panels are becoming more assessable and AI robotics technologies are maturing. I pledge to apply my engineering and business knowledge to develop a solar powered autonomous grass cutting robot, along with my student-run robotics team. Supporting sustainability through innovation.


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Farming: A boon not a bane.

The reason i have choosen my course is to understand the various sustainable energy sources and how we can generate electricity using renewable sources. I belong to a family of farmers, i want to change the way farming is done. Use of sophisticated sensors and better technology will help farmers get better yeild which can be measured. Thousands of farmers commit suicide in my part of the world, not able to repay loans which are merely around 1000$. I would like to start a farm which uses sensors for management and renrwable sources for generation to make farming easier at the same time making sure it is organic. I think this is more than acheivable with the right mindset. I want to help farmers in making better choices in choosing the crop they want to plant and if the resources are available. I will try and set up a small scale solar panelsand smart sensors manufacturing firm in my place and sell it to farmers at subsidised rates from government to make farming a boon, not a bane.




I'd want to help people working in green stuff out however way I can to make sure we can make the world beautiful again


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Use Jute Bags for shopping

I wanted the most eco friendly bags to use for shopping, as the green supermarket bags are still a type of plastic. Cotton, and even organic cotton, still use a lot of resources ( water and chemcials for nonorganic) to produce. Jute however requires much less water, grows quickly and requires minimal to no fertiliser. Although I was aware of the carbon miles the bags would travel, I chose to buy some made by a Bangladeshi Womens Co-op and the bags are fantastic. Best still, I can home compost them when they are no longer useable:)


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Support Local Produce

My pledge would be to start buying locally grown produce by supporting local farmer's markets as well as growing my own indoor herbs garden. The advantages includes but not limited to: 1) Reducing Food Miles-Transport of food consumes lots of fossil fuels the further the transport, increasing our carbon emission. 2) Preserve and protect biodiversity of smaller farm lands. 3) Promote awareness, health and wellbeing.



Alex Teoh | 08/26/2018 - 11:19

Hey, I think what you are doing is pretty solid! Keep it up!!


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Fot the next three months, I pledge to buy all my vegetables locally! Localisation is a fantastic tool for fighting environmental problems, as it reduces the energy required to transport food, reduces plastic packaging and can divert food from landfill due to strict corporate (wesfarmers) cosmetic standards!


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Coffee cup recycle

Promote and supporting community for ensuring coffee cups been better processed and recycled for sustainbility


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reducing Packaging

In Australia every year, each one of us throw away 200 kg of packaging waste. My first step will be to cut on packaging waste from my daily choices. The best way to address this goal is buy product in bulk (smaller packs generates more waste), I will buy loose products whenever possible and I will opt for brands that have less Packaging. I already started carrying my own reusable bag for any occasion. Also I will stop using coffee cups, and I will start a habit of using a keep cup. I really hope that with this little steps I can help contribute to reduce the amount of plastic waste and to foster a more responsible consumption.


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MOO Hungry

I,ll try not to let waste food dump in the fields so as to reduce green house gas emission. Dumping waste food is the biggest concern of now as approximately 20% of food bought for consumption is wasted i.e., 1 bag of grocery out of 5 bags purchased. Dumped waste food produces methane and other harmful gases which effects the environment. Also every 1 person out of 100 in Australia are living homeless and don't have money to buy food for three times a day. Raising this issue to globalization may help save us, our family, our friends, our loved ones and most of all important our global home OUR EARTH!



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