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SDG 7: Clean energy

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Take a walk

Completely reduce on all carbon and gas emissions by walking instead of driving or taking transport. Plus the endorphins will kee you happy and positive!



Michaela Rankin | 09/19/2016 - 23:17

I will commit to walking to uni at least two days a week

David Robertson | 09/20/2016 - 10:05

How's your Step going? I find it's easier to want to walk if there are a few nice things to see along the way - even if it requires a detour into a park or the like.


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reuse the container

When i can not finish the food in restaurant, i always take them away. And wash the containers to reuse them later.


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Spread sustainability

I have a simple goal; informing as many people as possible about the impact fossil fuel sources have on our environment. I want to tell as many people as I can about the benefits of renewable energy sources.



Xinhuan He | 09/07/2016 - 13:24

I believe scientist are working on the process of plastic biodegrade, recent report shows only needs 3 months. haha


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harmony is key

Expand my connection with other people


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No more Plastic

Let it be recycling, planting trees I will ensure that I contribute more to conserve, less to landfill. I will strive to ensure that there will be enough resources for evergrowing new generations. I have been given the privilege to consume without any struggle. The future generation should also be given the same opportunity.


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One of the easiest thing to do: Use coat instead of heater in winter. I have done this for couple of days that using coat, socks, and long pants is a way much better than using heater. Remember, because heater is: time costly, money costly, and energy costly.


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Stop wasting Energy

Stop energy from escaping my electronic devices (aka phantom energy). To reduce energy waste, I'll simply unplug when not in use or flip the switch to the off position.


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Local Produce and Cloth Bags

As my first initial step, I hope to continue to purchase local produce and carry my produce in an eco-friendly bag. I also plan on carpooling with my friends and encouraging them to share the same practice.


Louis Boyle-Bryant | 08/05/2016 - 10:50

Cool Beans! Sounds like a great step

Abbass Kak | 11/15/2020 - 22:39

So healthy!



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