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SDG 7: Clean energy

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Bike share

By using Monash Bikeshare, to travel around campus and nearby stores, I strive to meet the Good Health and Well Being Goal and reduce carbon emissions.


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Coffee cup recycle

Promote and supporting community for ensuring coffee cups been better processed and recycled for sustainbility


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one week vegetarian

Being a vegetarian not only improves one's health, but also have a powerful impact on the environment. Animal agriculture is one of the major contribution towards climate change today. As a matter of fact, we can reduce greenhouse emissions as well as preserve water and land by just changing our diet. And the benefit goes on to saving lives! According to research from Cornell University, if the grain fed to livestock is directly consumed by people, 800 million people can be free from hunger. Therefore, I pledge to reduce my meat consumption, starting my first step by being a vegetarian for a week from 13/8/18


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Ditch driving

Transport is a key contributor to global carbon dioxide emissions and climate change, especially in developed countries like Australia where we emit some of the highest levels per capita around the world: 23 tonnes of CO2e per head annually (that’s the equivalent of 4.5 African elephants). I am pledging to reduce my carbon footprint by walking, riding my bike or taking public transport wherever possible. Not only is this a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle choice but it’s also a great way to get some fresh air and exercise!



yu chen | 02/23/2019 - 13:39

I have already got a tree from this app, or I can say the energy I saved got me donated a tree on a desert in China.


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Use the stairs

I will always use the stairs instead of the elevator when I am going somewhere that is on floors 1-10 of a building.


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no to disposable lunch box

Many of my friends are having lunch at school, but just a few of them have recyclable lunch box, so i need to take one step to bring my sustainable lunch box to influence other people to know these disposable plastic materials can really cause environmental problems!


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Ensuring Energy efficiency

-Replace old outdated metal halide fixtures and fluorescent lighting with modern energy-efficient LED technology for campus buildings -Form partnerships with organizations that will fund a few student-led 'light bulb swaps' where students can replace their old bulbs from home for LED bulbs at university (free of charge) -Install energy-saving apps on all computers on campus (eg. webcam detects when the user is not around, and therefore dims the screen or activates sleep mode)



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Ride bike

I will ride my bike to campus and some short distance destinations including the grocery shops and train station.


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Less dryer useage

Make sure to try and get washing hung out rather than needing to use the drier and waste energy.


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clean transportation

Use my bicycle for all transportation, including grocery shopping, work and uni.



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