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SDG 7: Clean energy

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no to disposable lunch box

Many of my friends are having lunch at school, but just a few of them have recyclable lunch box, so i need to take one step to bring my sustainable lunch box to influence other people to know these disposable plastic materials can really cause environmental problems!


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Ensuring Energy efficiency

-Replace old outdated metal halide fixtures and fluorescent lighting with modern energy-efficient LED technology for campus buildings -Form partnerships with organizations that will fund a few student-led 'light bulb swaps' where students can replace their old bulbs from home for LED bulbs at university (free of charge) -Install energy-saving apps on all computers on campus (eg. webcam detects when the user is not around, and therefore dims the screen or activates sleep mode)



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Ride bike

I will ride my bike to campus and some short distance destinations including the grocery shops and train station.


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Less dryer useage

Make sure to try and get washing hung out rather than needing to use the drier and waste energy.


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clean transportation

Use my bicycle for all transportation, including grocery shopping, work and uni.


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Shift in Mindset

1. Continue to inspire others to live a more environmentally conscious and sustainable lifestyle, and ultimately support leaders at the political level who invest in a sustainable future. I will do this through my start-up @mothernaturesmilk (Instagram) and website I am attempting to make sustainability and conservation cool, by living a fun, outdoor orientated lifestyle filled with adventure whilst minimising my footprint and maximising sustainability practises. 2. Make a conscious effort to reduce energy consumption on a daily basis, and switch to an energy provider who is highly supportive of renewable, clean energy. 3. Buy only sustainable and ethical products e.g. support companies who are by-catch friendly, apply sustainable farming practises and those who are against wide scale logging.


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Clean energy

I will save energy by using solar power and will contribute my efforts in making solar appliances for public use


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personal carbon emissions

Purchase a bike which I can ride to uni and work. I will attempt to reduce or completely eliminate the need for driving a fossil fuel based vehicle.


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doing better

I will begin to walk/jog to the train station rather than taking the bus as the travel times are not too different.


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It is important to me that I stop supporting unethical industries (such as fossil fuels and tobacco) with my superannuation and bank accounts. I will research my best options, divest my funds, and then make sure to discuss my decisions with my friends and family to encourage them to make the switch too.



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