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SDG 7: Clean energy

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I am now running a solar energy project mainly focusing on solar street light and solar security camera (still in the promotion stage). I find out solar products in Australia are still using old technology and extremely expensive. We are trying to bring a new generation battery to Australia for a more sustainable future. Our solar street light is aiming to match the price of the normal street light. It has an extraordinary 10 years battery life with rapid charging function and can be charged between -30℃ to 65℃ .


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Whether it is a coffee, tea, hot chocolate, pumpkin spiced latte, or just water; having a reusable cup or mug reduces the number of non-recyclable cups and plastic bottles that enter our environment.


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Money Where Your Mouth Is

I pledge to divest my money from unsustainable practices. I will do this by reviewing and making appropriate changes to: 1. My superannuation fund 2. My bank 3. My energy provider As long as fossil fuels are considered profitable, they'll continue to be burnt. I want to put my money where my mouth is and make sure that I'm not inadvertently supporting practices that I want to see eliminated!




Currently in India, communities are still using kerosene lamps. Bring LED lights to communities is more sustainable for the future, allows people to study at night, and travel safely during night time.


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sell something for charity

Making something by hands Select a Bazaar Contect someone who open shop on that Bazzar Donate money for gobal environment protect


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Cycling for transport

Carbon emissions are produced in their billions per year from automobile emissions as well as public transport options. These carbon emissions damage not only our environment but have a significant impact on our health in the long run. As an alternative to driving and catching the bus to get to places, I'll be cycling instead. Cycling has been a hobby of mine for a long time and has been a fun and health benefiting exercise that is easy to get around to places. I'll hope to be able to cycle to Uni for classes and reduce my dependency on PTV and driving.


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Vegetarian Warrior

I'll be committing to a vegetarian plant-based lifestyle. I've been eager to embark on this lifestyle choice for its two-fold efforts. The environmental impact of eating meat is too significant to ignore, with meat production being a significant contributor to greenhouse emissions. Being vegetarian will also preserve habitats and decrease deforestation. The additional benefits of having a healthy lifestyle are an added bonus. I am really excited to start this journey to help the environment and fight for social justice.


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Monash University Sustainable Development Volunteering Program

Without help, the people, communities and natural environments that are significantly impacted by global challenges struggle to overcome these challenges and experience a sustainable and prosperous future. This One Step has the potential to work towards achieving each one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It consists of creating a sponsored sustainability focused leadership program for emerging leaders at Monash University. Students will be sponsored to lead a project addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Projects could include establishing a system where children and their families in Nepal have access to vaccinations, building appropriate education facilities in Bangladesh, travelling to Kenya to install clean water and sanitation facilities or stopping all single-use plastic consumption in Monash University. In addition, each project would aim to empower locals in each destination by equipping them with the knowledge and resources enabling them to continue sustainable practices in the future. It is the aim that each program will contribute to global sustainability while developing the sustainable leadership of Monash University students.



clean & green environment

I will definitely continue my current trend of riding my cycle to university or walking instead of relying on the public transport vehicles. Riding a cycle or walking is good for the health in the sense that it helps in keeping the mind fresh and the body in a perfect tone. Moreover, I will try to maintain my gardening skills and plant more and more trees. Small changes can always make a big difference. I will also switch my reliance on to the renewable energy sources in the coming generations instead of relying on the conventional energy sources, as everyone knows these conventional energy sources are the cause of the global climate change.


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Travelling Together

As the negative impact of climate change increases, the need to lower humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions is more important than ever before. With a global effort in government and business underway it can sometimes seem hard for the general public to get involved and make a difference. The best place to start is always with your own personal emissions, for example, by altering your means of travel can make a significant impact. In Australia, 18% of our annual greenhouse gas pollution is from transport, the majority of which is done on our roads. I plan to reduce my carbon emissions in this area especially through the way I get to Monash. By carpooling with a friend you instantly half your collective emissions from the trip. The less cars driving the same trip the smaller the impact on the environment. Another easy but effective way to make a difference is by using public transport whenever possible. Entirely remove the emissions you would have released from your car by filling up trains and buses instead which already would have been running. By sharing your journey with others and travelling together, we can all help make a difference.



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