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Reducing waste

I am taking one step to change the way I shop and responsibly discard household waste. I have been following the efforts of The Ocean Cleanup over the past few years and it has astounded me the amount of rubbish that ends up in our oceans. Waste that is not responsibly disposed of has detrimental effects on all parts of our ecosystem. My local council has recently introduced organic food waste bins which has helped my family compost organic waste and help further separate and organise the way we discard household rubbish. I have used my free time to research ways I can further separate hard to recycle products. This includes bread bag tags, bottle caps, soft plastic, nail polish, batteries and elastic bands to name a few. I have been collecting these items until I am ready to take them to specific recycling centres for the proper recycling of these materials. Local supermarkets and schools around me also have designated soft plastic recycling bins which has helped me recycle more often. I have also helped reduce food waste by donating food to the Pardale Pantry, a local community shared pantry for excess food. This helps reduce waste and feed people that may be struggling with their next meal. I would love to look into helping food waste organisations and expand this community initiative to surrounding suburbs too. Another initiative I have been involved in is the Buy Nothing community groups where people share and give away items that they no longer need to people who need it more. This gives items a chance to be shared, reused and re-loved to other families instead of being incorrectly disposed of or stored until hard rubbish collection. I still believe there are a lot of items that I need to responsibly recycle and dispose of; I hope that throughout this year I am able to learn more about the cycle of waste management which will allow me to make educated and ethical decisions when I shop and dispose of household waste. I also hope to look into community veggie gardens to help with composting and sustainability efforts in my local area.


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