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Healthy! Returnable! Green!

Many young people, especially students, do not have much money for food and may choose cheap, easy, nutrient-poor food. Therefore, my first action is to create a platform or website where people can share recipes to promote healthy eating. People who share their own homemade meals and write recipes. It can help others to learn how to cook. Secondly, we know that restaurants or food delivery sector continue to grow, but they inherently produce a large amount of plastic waste. Why not use returnable packaging? Therefore, the second action suggests everyone use returnable packaging. The school can post more about the benefits of using returnable packaging on social media and suggest everyone use it. The third action is to organise more planting events. Let students grow and maintain a vegetable garden in line. Also, students can share their freshly grown vegetables and herbs with family and friends. So everyone can enjoy the health benefits of more veggies.


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