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#ActNow #BuyOnlyWhenInNeed #SustainableLifestyle #SaveEarth

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Sustainable lifestyle

I take a pledge to have a sustainable lifestyle. Since the material and energy demands of modern society are increasing day by day, there’s a strain on natural resources. Everyone talks about reducing the garbage, recycling, and reusing the materials, but no one is very keen on reducing consumption. I have seen people who love to shop a lot as per the latest fashion trends. Most of them wear the new cloth hardly one or two times and then it becomes garbage. Fast fashion is not only increasing the garbage but it is also affecting the waterways and human health. The dyes used in the textile industry affect the marine environment as they are very difficult to treat. Removing the dye from the water requires ozone treatment which is highly energy-intensive and which again impacts the planet. Hence, I would like to create awareness in society that how we can have a sustainable lifestyle and contribute to having more greener and cleaner earth. Reducing the consumption at the source itself can make a huge difference to save the planet. Along with sustainable consumption, I am committed to reducing my carbon footprint by taking the following steps: • Use of public transportation • Avoid unnecessary shopping • Tree plantation • Avoid food wastage • Use Organic green processed products • Responsible electricity consumption • Use reused and recycled products • Promote awareness about water recycling and reuse for potable and nonpotable applications


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