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#individual action

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Car Pooling

My pledge is to take control of my own car usage and the detriment that this has on our environment. Driving to and from university (not to mention the parking stress) is embedded into university life at Monash. With most students, I have spoken to choosing to drive to university. The toll that this has on our environment is immense, as most only drive themselves. Therefore, I pledge to car pool to uni or take other means of transport to reduce my environmental impact. This idea could be implemented across the university with monetary and practical incentives. Expanding the already existing carpooling scheme. Firstly, by allowing reduced parking rates or gift cards to students who utilise the scheme. And secondly, providing special parking zones to registered car pool users (reducing the Monash parking anxiety). Furthermore, this would also address inequalities within the university, allowing those without access to personal vehicles a more streamlined means of getting to class.


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