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#plasticpollution #littercleanup

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Cleaning Local Waterways

My goal is to help protect my local waterways and environment by joining litter clean ups in my local nature reserve each month and picking up rubbish when I see it on the street. Plastic Pollution in Port Phillip Bay is a growing problem that significantly threatens the ecological health of the Bay. When it rains in Melbourne, plastic litter flows from our streets into our waterways and storm drains and eventually ends up in the bay. It was estimated that in the year to February 2020, 2.5 billion pieces of litter flowed into Port Phillip Bay from just the Yarra and Maribyrnong rivers. Overall, litter is creating a huge pollution problem in our local waterways and our bay. This plastic and microplastic pollution impacts the health of the birds, fish and other marine animals that rely on these systems. Therefore, stopping litter from entering our waterways or removing it from the waterways before it reaches the sea is crucial.


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