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Reduce Local Littering

Putting rubbish in the bin: an action so simple, yet so few do. The step I am taking aims to motivate people to put their rubbish in the bin and encourage people to pick-up litter they may see on the ground around them. With the world's increasing consumerist behaviour, it is our collective responsibility to ensure correct disposal of the waste we are producing. Thus, my one step is to pick up rubbish if I see some on the ground, no matter where I am or what I am doing. Through completing this simple action, I hope to encourage others to join me in cleaning up our environment. It is astounding to see how much litter is spread across the land we occupy and how many people disregard it. If people removed the stigma of ‘not my rubbish not my responsibility’ it would drastically improve the overall cleanliness and health of our ecosystem. No positive action is ever achieved by a bystander. The best part about this is that the more people who do pick up rubbish, the less rubbish there will be to pick up. It builds resilience cities, fosters positive socio-ecological environments, and encourages humans to take ownership over their own actions.


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