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Reusing food containers

I started meal prepping this year which required me to possess a lot of contains to store food for the whole week after each meal preparation. Meal prep not only improved my health significantly, it also saved me time and also helped the environment by reducing food wastage and also if you do it correct can also help the environment. However I quickly realised that purchasing spending extra money for food containers and boxes is not necessary because I have a number of glass and also bpa free plastic containers avalaible in my fridge. I soon started to clean these containers I gathered instead of buying new ones. This taught me that in order to be sustainable, buying things that are not necessary is pivotal and that everything you consume and buy that are not needed or are not necessities often which damage the environment in some way or the others (such as food delivery). My goal is to stick with meal prep and also reuse my food containers. I will also purchase meat products in a paper bag and also my veggies in paper bags too. I also aim to not waste any food by portion my food correctly. I established a system to achieve this by cooking my whole weeks or 5 days of meals in 2 hours of time each Monday.


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