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Food Wastage

I have worked at a food and retail store for just about half a year, and throughout my time I have witnessed and seen food thrown out just because of it passing a time limit, even though it is still acceptable to eat. It is true that the managers have to take the responsibility of keeping all the food safe and healthy to consume as well as making sure that the customer is looked after with high-quality products. This however does not justify the amount of consumable nutritious foods thrown out, where all these are thrown away, where they could nourish families in need. This is sadly a common scenario where 207 kilograms of waste is generated per person per year to feed Melbourne, while 40% of Melbourne’s food waste comes from households, cafes and restaurants. Reducing food loss and waste is critical to creating a Zero Hunger world and reaching the world’s Sustainable Development Goals. Unable to negotiate with the manager to have some of the less perishing foods be sent to a local food bank, I thought of ways to take steps to change my behaviour with food. I now buy my groceries from the Dandenong market, a traditional market, that sells fresh produce straight from local farms or even other's gardens. I have made it a point to not buy groceries from commercial stores, as perfectly edible fresh produce is often turned away from supermarket shelves because it does not meet the optimal criteria for consumers, such as shape, size and colour. This helps me not only save money by buying these healthy foods in bulk, but with my initiative, I am also able to decrease the amount of energy used to transport these products from one facility to another, decrease the amount of food wasted by supermarkets for it not being optimal, and also helping out small local vendors and farmers by using their fresh produce. I also created a food vlog on Instagram, where I hope to share recipes and techniques on the benefits of eating local fresh produce and using them to the best of their potential. {Image: Intermarche Inglorious fruits and vegetables}


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