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#climatechange #ecosystem #protecttheevironment

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Reduce energy, save energy

I believe decreasing our energy consumption is an important step to address climate change. Clean energy is derived from sources that emit pollutants into the atmosphere. A decrease in air pollution is one of the many environmental and economic benefits of clean energy. Depending on the source of the energy, clean energy may be utilised for a number of purposes, ranging from power generation to water heating and more. My pledge consists of completing small changes in my everyday life to reduce my own energy consumption. Firstly, changing all the lightbulbs in my house to LED lightbulbs would decrease the energy use significantly as LED lights use 75% less energy than the traditional lights. They also last 35 times longer than traditional lights. Secondly, I would check all the windows or doors in my house an ensure they are weatherproof. Energy is lost within the gaps of windows and doors which contributes a major environmental cost of 70% of greenhouse gases that are attributed to the energy use of buildings. Lastly, I would do small actions such as turning of the heater and wearing a warm jacket, turning of appliances when not in use like light bulbs, toaster or the computer. Doing these three activities would be a way to change my lifestyle and save energy while inspiring the people around me to do the same.


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