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#NoShame #NoStigma #PeriodsAreNormal #NormalisePeriods #NoWomanLeftBehind #NoGirlLeftBehind

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tackling period stigma

A 2018 report by the United Nations (UN) found that the shame, stigma, and misinformation surrounding periods could lead to severe health and human rights concerns. Resultantly, they declared menstrual hygiene an issue that affects public health, gender equality, and human rights. The report powerfully underlines how shame and misinformation undermine the wellbeing of women and girls, making them vulnerable to gender discrimination, child marriage, exclusion, violence, poverty and untreated health problems. To tackle this problem, I am drafting a proposal to negotiate the provision of sanitary items and anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen for female and unisex bathrooms on campus. I also commit to educate myself and those around me on menstruation by engaging in conversations, open dialogue and learning and volunteering for grassroots organisations focusing on education and alleviating period poverty.


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