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#SDG3 #SDG13 #SDG15 #Biodivesity

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Eryn larcombe

I plan to transform my council owned nature strip into a functioning patch of biodiversity! Invasive or introduced grasses serves very little purpose to the environment and wider biodiversity, through lack of habitat, cooling ability and energy though required maintenance of cutting. By following my council guidelines and planting native and indigenous plants I will be able to increase biodiversity, help filtrate storm water, provide habitat and limit solar radiation just as a start. I hope to show other individuals the benefit of replanting, increasing positive interactions outdoors and create sustainable spaces for the wider community one plot at a time. The photo is Hardenbergia violacea. It's a great climbing plant or ground cover which flowers in the cooler months, providing a much needed food source for many animals and I personally think it cheers people up during the colder months in Australia.


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