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It starts at home

My commitment to sustainability will start in my own home, in particular, my own garden. Over the past year, I've spent lots of time at home and realised that the seemingly minuscule actions we take each day really do amount to something. Last year in 2020, it was the first time global carbon emissions fell for the first time in decades, and whilst it did take a global pandemic for this to happen, it also made me acknowledge all the ways I could make a commitment to sustainability whilst at home. I spent countless hours during quarantine tending to my garden and was finally able to reap the rewards. The process of growing food in my own home, eliminating the costs and emissions involved with transport, packaging and harvesting showed me that sustainability is a highly rewarding and fruitful process. This year, I'd like to grow more fruit and vegetables at home and improve not only my impact on the environment as I consume more consciously but also improve my health and wellbeing in the process.


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