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SDG 5: Gender equality

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Healthy ageing

With the global pandemic, there was a rise in digital innovation and an increase usage of technology. The one group that are affected by this would be the elderly due to the lack of understanding of technology. Learning should not be restricted to a certain age group. I pledge to include elderly in our community and educate them on the basic digital and financial literacy to gain control over their finances and work. I would learn the right way to educate elderly and others on this and hope to one day extend it to all people regardless of age, gender or race. It would be great to see youths and elderly working alongside and helping each other.


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I would like to see more pet-friendly public places like restaurants, gardens in China. Every pet would be taking good care of and no more stray animals


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Impact Investment

My One Step pledge is to adopt impact investing so that my investment approach is done through an ESG/SDG lens. Initially, when I began my investment journey, I invested with only aspirations of maximising monetary gains, setting aside or placing less emphasis on, the social and environmental impacts offrom the business operations. Whilst financial gain is still a key objective of my portfolio actions, it is now imperative to me that I invest in companies which value transparency and have transition plans that are aligned with the SDGs. I do this because I recognise the importance and influence that multinational cooperation’s play in this fight against social injustice and climate change. If we continue to financially support the types of businesses who are not adopting ESG principles and are not aligned to the SDG’s, it only reinforces harmful behaviour which further exacerbates our deteriorating global situation. The investments I make now and into the future will be for positive environmental, social and climate impact enabling me to participate in transitioning to a sustainable future.


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Giving back

On monthly bases, i ensure i contribute to foundation ranging from supporting education to environmental institution to support those who are disadvantage and environmental . no matter how little, it will create change! i aim to contribute to more organisation Feel free to comment any foundations.


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My first step is to carry a conversation with the women in my life, of all ages, on stereotype threat in the STEM field. I noticed the effects of stereotype threat in a few friends (in the field of engineering) and family members (in elementary school), and further understood the problem by carrying out a literature review on the topic. I will start with my cousin: she is currently struggling in maths and I want to ensure she has the proper support and want to understand if there is any way I can empower her. I will also use the community in my Instagram account (studygram) to share my research findings and to share the importance of equality and fighting gender discrimination in the STEM field. I believe it is important to share the knowledge that stereotype threat can occur in a wide variety of settings and can negatively impact women performance, physical health and stress levels. By doing so, each and everyone of us can consciously put effort into fighting the discrimination and put in place methods to decrease the effects of stereotype threat (for example by having role models in STEM who are accomplished women in the field).


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Girls AND WOMEN in stem

The number of girls studying STEM is obviously smaller than the number of boys. Only 32% of Australian STEM qualifications were awarded to women in 2014. What I want to do is try to inspire more girls to study STEM or choose a major based on their interests not how the society defines them. So the first step would be sharing peers' stories of studying STEM or why they choose to study STEM on social media. This might be cliche, but sharing peers' stories always can inspire people in the same age group. Second, I hope that Monash University can arrange some university STEM lab tours for girls in schools. By showing those little girls who are still wondering what they can do in the future that STEM might be a choice is great. According to a report published on the Australian Education Departament website, girls are influenced by stereotypes when they were young. The result that most girls do not study STEM is possibly affected by the stereotyped thinking that girls can't do STEM. So visiting a university to see some women are doing STEM research can make girls start to feel STEM could be an option.


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Towards gender equality

Gender equality is a human right. Societies that value women, men, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual as equal are safer and healthier. My one step is to work towards to create a better community where all can express their feelings, emotions, works, ethics equally. if people will feel to express themselves freely without any judgements there will be change in future as people will able to know the minority people's thinking. Working all together with all kinds of people will help to create a better future with more creativity & opportunities. As each individuals are unique.


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Go Ahead



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Small steps for big CHANGES

Reduce single use plastic, sustainable daily commute, and encourage body positivity on social media.


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A Step towards a better world

Educating people about the gravity of gender gaps and how to reduce the discrepancy, importance of quality employment and its qualitative benefits apart from quantitative and financial, carbon footprint of unnecessary consumption, production and waste.



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