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EAT AND DRINK sustainably

EAT AND DRINK sustainably

As a Monash Chemical Engineering Student, I always try to study, work and live in the most sustainable way. I have witnessed garbage bins full of disposable plastic containers and cups after lunch time, and I really want to change this scene. Imagine that tons of garbage would be dumped into the soil or the ocean, which will destroy the whole ecosystem. We are Monash University students, one of the universities with many activities to promote green lifestyle. Therefore, we need to be the pioneer in using reusable containers or cups, water bottles. It's not hard to do. Bring your own containers to the food court, grab lunch and enjoy with friends. It's not hard to do but you probably would save a fish from swallowing plastics.


Shriya Chawla | 06/09/2022 - 23:50

I completely agree! It is very important that we keep a track of our consumption especially single-use items which are dangerous for sea animals.