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Amelia Tomkins
Composting all organic matter and kitchen waste and using the composted goodness on my veggie patch!
Clarissa Ming Li Chia
Choose the stairs over elevators where possible.
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Tanya Milnes
Buying vegetables from the farmers market as opposed to supermarkets supports local farmers and reduces food waste #produceequality - our broccoli was considered too small for supermarkets, but that’s fine because it’s going to be great in our pesto pasta! Bonus is it’s package free, working towards a plastic free house supporting local businesses.
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Tanya Milnes
Supporting social innovation and entrepreneurship, Who Gives A Crap is a 100% recycled toilet paper that is packaged in recyable packaging and donates 50% of its profits to build toilets in countries that need them. Creating social change through consumption choices.
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Sonja Graetz
I’m aiming to walk to work four times per week (6km) as opposed to bus or Uber.
MIchelle Croughan's picture
MIchelle Croughan
When I go shopping, I already use reusable bags, and refuse to buy produce that comes wrapped in plastic. To take this one step further I want to seek out grocers that allow me to buy things using my own reuseable packaging, like rice, pasta, nut, spices ect.
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Kevin Zhangchao
Many of my friends are having lunch at school, but just a few of them have recyclable lunch box, so i need to take one step to bring my sustainable lunch box to influence other people to know these disposable plastic materials can really cause environmental problems!
Patricia Madero
SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production SDG 14: Sustainable Oceans
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Tau Matsau
-Replace old outdated metal halide fixtures and fluorescent lighting with modern energy-efficient LED technology for campus buildings -Form partnerships with organizations that will fund a few student-led 'light bulb swaps' where students can replace their old bulbs from home for LED bulbs at university (free of charge) -Install energy-saving apps on all computers on campus (eg. webcam detects when the user is not around, and therefore dims the screen or activates sleep mode)
Carter Carvalho
Promote the impacts non-recycled toilet paper has on the environment, such as 27,000 trees cut down a day to produce toilet paper. As well as convert more toilet paper in my university to recycled toilet paper
Yuen Fung Lam
I will ride my bike to campus and some short distance destinations including the grocery shops and train station.
Jack Walkinshaw
Establish a voluntary accreditation where coffee shops at Monash University sign up to be apart of Monash Sustainable Coffee Cup Movement. Whereby 10c of each purchased coffee goes towards research and sourcing of a coffee cup that is biodegradable and recyclable.
Mustafa Hamid
I pledge to ride my bicycle from home to university everyday, which is approximately a 6 km ride. This will hopefully encourage my friends and family to reduce their dependence on fossil-fuel run vehicles, which will also reduce traffic congestion on the road and improve their health as well!
Jake Taylor
Make sure to try and get washing hung out rather than needing to use the drier and waste energy.